Thursday, February 03, 2011

James Harrison Rule

In 2010 the NFL went way over the top penalizing and fining players for hits to the head in a vain attempt to reduce the number of concussions.  Some players refused to adjust their play to comply with the new rules no matter how many times they were penalized or fined.  James Harrison in particular racked up enough fines to finance another couple of government bailouts.  Clearly the NFL's current tactics are not effective.  That is why I propose what I call the James Harrison rule.  For unrepentant repeat offenders, I think that officials should confiscate their helmets and force them to take the field in old timey leather helmets.  If a player still wants to use his head as a weapon, he's going to have to put his own safety in jeopardy to do so.  As I see it, this is the only viable solution. 
Yes, I know this is Hines Ward and not James Harrison.  He was the only player I could find wearing a leather helmet though.

Come to think of it, maybe teams should wear leather helmets in throwback games from time to time.
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