Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why I'm A Dog Person

This is why dogs are better than cats.  A Florida family's cat set the house on fire as everyone slept, in a vain attempt to kill all of the occupants and presumably feast on their charred corpses.  That is just speculation since nobody really knows what happens in those evil little cat minds, and it's probably better that way since whatever they are thinking would surely terrify us.  Anyway, this lucky family also owned a hero of a golden retriever.  Bubba the dog foiled the insidious plans of his feline nemesis - running through the house barking as loud as he could to wake up all of his humans.  The family has stated that they believe they would all have died if not for Bubba's intervention. 

The moral of this story couldn't be clearer: 
Cat = Evil
Dog = Man's best friend.
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