Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Nose

No sooner did I publish the last post then I remembered what it was.  I woke up Thursday morning with a sore nose, and not just feeling like I slept face down and had it crooked all night, since Thursday it has continually felt like somebody punched me in the nose.  I did some fighting on Tuesday, but not on Wednesday so it's pretty hard to imagine that I took a shot to the nose on Tuesday night and was oblivious enough that I didn't notice it until Thursday morning.  That more or less leaves me with just the option that I hit myself in the face in the middle of the night or somehow bashed my nose on the headboard or nightstand or something.  I just can't fathom how I could have done something like that without waking myself up.  The only viable option that leaves me with is alien abduction although I've never heard of nasal probes.  According to an episode of Futurama though, some do have an affinity for "human horn" which is used as an aphrodisiac, but I woke up with it in pain, not removed so that seems unlikely.  Plus, when I say 'viable option' I am assuming a Shelvis level of paranoia and conspiracy theories, and truth be told I don't think even he believes in aliens.  He might have a theory about time travelers punching me in the face though.

Getting back on track though, the ailment has been compounded by some sinus congestion.  I don't know if it's related or coincidental, but what I do know is that trying to blow my nose hurts like hell.  I did have 2 sudafed left in my medicine cabinet that I noticed had an expiration date of 1996, and I paused momentarily before deciding it was worth the risk.  As you may have guessed, it didn't kill me, but it only provided temporary relief and now I can't get any more because I don't want to end up on any federal watch lists.  It has made sleeping difficult since laying down increases the sinus pressure and consequently the pain.  There hasn't been any noticeable swelling or discoloration at least.  I am now accepting any and all theories as to what might have happened.  The leading condender is currently sleep walking, which is actually just a hackneyed segue to add this video of a guy named Jorge Huaman playing the Santo & Johnny classic Sleepwalk.  I love this arrangement, Jorge is quite talented.  Plus he's got a very straight nose.  See how I brought it all back around like that?  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

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