Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pass It Along

After spending the last week coughing - one of those deep raspy coughs where you're sure that at any moment a lung will come flying out - I will admit to feeling a little sense of pride in hearing 2 people who sit near me at work coughing today.  I have successfully done my duty and passed along the cold that was given to me by a co-worker.  And don't feel bad for the two new recipients, they work in Surety and are only considered human in the broadests sense of the term.  They are recent additions to the office and I'm actually hoping the one of the guys gets sick enough that he takes a few days off.  He spends about a quarter of his day talking on the phone and is unbelievably loud.  And he sounds exactly like Tom Shane from the Shane Company - I expect him to start telling people he's a direct diamond importer at any moment.  No exaggeration, he actually drowns out the jack hammering which continues to this day.  I swear that has to be coming to an end soon.  But before I stray too far off the original topic, I feel a sense of accomplishment in helping to extend the life of all those cold bacteria for a little longer.  I feel like a philanthropist.
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