Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big 1000

Welcome to post #1000. Since that seems like kind of a landmark, I've been thinking I should do something special, or at least not my usual crap. And trying to think of something interesting while being stressed out, burned out, and generally hating the world and everybody in it, particularly the Chuckman for claiming he could recruit a girl to play flag football and then failing to deliver on that promise, just led me to doing nothing for a month. Honestly, it was kind of a nice break since it seems I've been too busy or preoccupied with other things to even keep up with my friends sites. But now I'm back and the same as ever!

So the out of the ordinary thing I eventually came up with was throwing up a video of me butchering the Joe Satriani classic Tears In The Rain. Will this turn into a continuing series of me butchering songs or will it be a one off? Only time will tell. But for now, here's something that will make poor Satch roll over in his grave. I know what you're thinking - he's not dead yet. Well, this might just kill him.

In my defense, it's been a pretty long day and I'm tired now, not to mention suffering from a case of hot dog fingers and having a hair thing going on since I haven't gotten it cut in about 3 months, plus fighting an on going battle with run on sentences. A battle I seem to be losing. I had some other crap to complain about but my brain is beginning it's shut down sequence, so you lucked out for now. And I guess I won't brag about becoming a published author either. That will all have to wait for another day.

It appears that the trashing of the Chuckman may have been premature. There's still time for her to back out or be a no show, but all indications are that the Chuckman has been able to procure a girl for this week's football game. All hail to the Chuckman. Ladies, please try to form an orderly single file line at his door.
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