Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bands That Didn't Make It Big

Every so often I'll come across a band that has something that makes me wonder why they didn't get more attention. I know there are some bands that are unbelievably talented (like Sevendust and Dream Theater) that based on their style of music are just never going to be mainstream, but then there are bands like these:

First up is Eleven. They had some limited success in the mid 90's, and really could write some catchy songs but for whatever reason never made it. I liked the song Let Down, Left Out, Laughed At better but couldn't find a video for it. They could fit into the category of grunge which was huge at the time and had some catchy guitar riffs and solid vocals. Drummer at the time Jack Irons eventually went on to briefly play with Pearl Jam.

Everything is a band that I've actually only heard one song from, Hooch. Maybe the rest of their songs suck but this one is pretty catchy. Plus seeing a bunch of goofy white guys singing the blues is just funny somehow.

Sponge had one great song - Have You Seen Mary. Maybe one of the more underrated songs in history. I think the big thing holding Sponge back though was the fact that the rest of their songs were pretty bad. So I guess this is more of a why wasn't this particular song more popular than why wasn't the band more popular.

I'll hold it down to 4 bands for now. Bringing up the rear is The Tragically Hip. They should have been huge based on the name alone. They were able to maintain a decent career but never regained the success they had with their first single - New Orleans Is Sinking. Embedding is disabled for this video so here's an old fashioned link. I think of these bands, The Tragically Hip are the most talented. And after their debut album it looked like they were going to be huge. I think it's because they are Canadian that it didn't pan out.
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