Monday, January 12, 2009

The Value of Video Games

When you see a headline like The world will never be safe until Scrabble is banned
Board games do not bring a family closer together. They rip out its heart in a seething cauldron of rage
, you know you're in for some entertainment. The point of the article is that video games, particularly violent video games, have brought peace to Western Europe and North America. Here are a couple excerpts to give you started:

The fact is this. Since science harnessed the electron and turned it into a
Cylon or a Nazi paratrooper with a realistic machine pistol, the world has
unquestionably been a better place. And so, too, is life for the family.

We can therefore conclude that Pong and other games of its ilk ended the
cold war because, for the first time in history, leaders had something better to
do than rush about threatening to bash one another’s heads in.

When we look at the world’s trouble spots today – the Gaza Strip, Somalia,
Sri Lanka and so on – we find large chunks of the population which have no
possibility of playing Grand Theft Auto.

Look at Hitler. He could have played Risk but because it can only ever be
won by the person charged with the task of conquering Australia and North
America, he decided to make up his own rules and play them out for real. Would
he have done so if he’d been given a PlayStation and a copy of Call of Duty V? I
seriously doubt it.

Most of these arguments are irrefutable, not to mention comedy gold. So do yourself a favor and read this immediately, then call your congressmen and demand more government spending on video games. So take that Jack Thompson, Joseph Lieberman, and all you other political activist tools who try to make a scapegoat out of the video game industry to further your own careers.
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