Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Introducing Nativity Camel

The latest acquaintance to decide it's a good idea to start a blog so you can irritate a greater number of people than you would on a regular basis is Nativity Camel, aka Jamie. The camel is a moderately amusing man who's hobbies include lying about how great Oregon is, trash talking the UW and Seattle sports in general, working in a library, and not shaving. Currently he is working on cultivating a Grizzly Adams look. And despite being rather lanky and goofy looking in kind of an Ichibod Crane/Ric Ocasek sort of way, women seem inexplicably drawn to him. The only logical explanation I can find is that he must have an abundance of pheromones emanating from him. Long story short, you should check out his site and feel free to ridicule him.
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