Friday, January 02, 2009

Southern Style Chicken Sandwich

Today for lunch I decided to make the journey to McDonalds. They really haven't had much of my business in years so I thought it was time to mend our fences. I decided to try the Southern Style Chicken Sammich and am now completely disappointed. I don't know what made it southern style, I was expecting some kind of spices, but from what I could discern it was little more than a crispy chicken sammich with an irregular shape breaded chicken patty and no sauce. You heard me, no sauce, not even any mayo. Just a chicken patty and two very small pickles held together by plain buns. It was unbelievably dry and bland. And what's worse, the bun was kind of pasty and kept sticking to my teeth and the roof of my mouth. Who wants that? Nobody, that's who. So do yourself a favor and avoid this sammich. And it will probably be another several months before I go back to McDonalds in the wake of this incident.
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