Sunday, January 11, 2009

Poinsettia Care

I picked up a poinsettia to brighten up my place just after Thanksgiving and I have now just about killed it. I really don't know how to care for this thing. I tried searching for tips on the internet and found useful advise like "make sure it has enough water, but don't over water it" and "don't let it get too cold, but don't let it get too hot either". At least the outside of the pot it came in says keep it moist and between 60º and 70º. Whatever I've been doing to it though it really doesn't approve of. Pretty much all of the leaves have some degree of withering and at this rate I don't give it more than 2 weeks to live.

I assume I've been watering it too much, so I'm going to cut way back on the watering. I've been keeping it well lubricated, not just moist. The temp has been in the 60-70 range though. I've been keeping out of direct sunlight, which is another tip I found on the internet. Beyond that I don't know what I can do to revive it, other than play it some heavy metal to make it happy. Studies have shown that plants respond to that. Somebody is going to need to intervene to save a life though I'm afraid.
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