Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Hate Comcast

I really do.  The current saga began in early November.  I received an offer in the mail to upgrade to Comcast's triple play service (TV, internet, and phone) with the monthly rate for the first year lower than I'm currently paying for just TV and internet.  It seemed like a good idea to me so I called to sign up.  The first CSR I talked to said he couldn't give me that deal because it wouldn't lower my bill, but he transferred me to customer service to talk to somebody who might be able to.  The person he transferred me to was completely clueless and couldn't find, or at least claimed she couldn't find that deal.  Eventually she agreed to give me said deal, however the earliest she could schedule an installer to come out and hook everything up was December 4th, nearly a month later.  Fine, whatever, I just wanted to get off the phone by this time.  My time wasted getting this done:  just over 25 minutes.

As you may have guessed, December 4th came and went with no contact from Comcast or the installer.  At one point my phone rang one time but the caller hung up before I could answer.  It was from a blocked number so this may or may not have been the installer.  Since this time I have been looking at other options from Direct TV, Dish Network, and Frontier Communications.  The only problem is that I'm extremely lazy.  I don't want to interrupt my service and I really don't want to have to change my email address.  Comcast is over priced and has unquestionably the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with, but switching service is just such a pain in the ass.  I can't bring myself to call Comcast and spend another half hour on the phone talking with clueless people who hate their jobs and probably their miserable lives and really couldn't care less about my satisfaction.  Is it worth my time to email Comcast and threaten to cancel my service if they don't make things right, or should I just switch service without giving them another opportunity and just consider myself lucky that they didn't murder me which seems to be an increasingly common occurrence?

I welcome all advice and if there's one thing that you should take away from this, it's that Comcast blows. 
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