Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Goes First

Today's question is a simple, yet complex one. Which crazed, ruthless dictator will die first, Fidel Castro or Al Davis. Castro has a bit of a head start at nearly 83 years old but 80 year old Al Davis has been oppressing Raider Nation since 1972. Both are looking pretty decrepit now, but I have to say Davis looks worse for the wear. Sure Castro's health may be failing and being first to relinquish control isn't a good sign, but Al's increasing resemblance to David Lo Pan (from Big Trouble In Little China) makes him the odds on favorite for the devil to come collect on his deal in my book. If I could find a more recent photo of Davis I might submit it to Totally Looks Like. Anyway, discuss it amongst yourselves and don't let my decision influence you.
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