Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Merciful Crap, It's Hot

....just in case you hadn't noticed. I can tolerate the heat during the day, but when it really bothers me is at night. My place builds up a lot of heat and doesn't cool down quickly, so these stretches of hot weather make it difficult for me to sleep. And with the forecast predicting 99° on Wednesday it is looking like a week with not much sleep for me, resulting in a grumpy Scott making everyone around me unhappy. Last night I left all the windows open all night with fans running and it still had only cooled off to 77° by this morning. What's worse is that outside noise kept waking me up throughout the night too.

I lived in Florida for 3 years growing up, and all summer long it was 95° and humid, and in 3 years I never got used to the heat. Going from our normal weather to this oppressive heat is just that much more difficult. It is shaping up to be a long week, so if anyone with air conditioning wants to invite me over for a few days, I'll be right there. And I can't make any promises, but I'll try to make this the last complaining I do. At least it's not snowing.
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