Sunday, July 19, 2009

Great Weekend

Ahh, what a great weekend. Despite the fact that it has been hot enough that I've been having trouble sleeping, I still love the warm weather and sunshine and have to soak it up while I can. Saturday was my relaxation day but just so I could feel a little industrious I took a trip to the dump and got rid of a few things that have been cluttering up my place for too long, not the least of which is my old mattress which has spent the last several months in front of the sliding glass door keeping the morning sun out. Now I have to adjust to the brightness in the mornings. I finished up the weekend by sitting out on the deck, put my feet up, and smoked a Macanudo.

Sunday my goal was to get rid of my farmer's tan. Not that I have anything against farmers, but they aren't known for their tans. Anyway, I put on my tank top and headed out to play tennis for about an hour and a half, then followed that up with a softball double header. I ended up getting pretty nicely burned, but did have an attractive blond rub me down with some sun tan lotion and no money even changed hands! After winning both games I'm now trying to convince myself to head down to the gym to lift some weights and spend half an hour on the exercise bike but I'm not sure I'm going to make it. The forecast for tomorrow is for more sunshine for some beach volleyball down at Alki. If only work didn't get in the way tomorrow. I've decided that I love summer.
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