Thursday, August 26, 2010

No Crying In Baseball

I watched more of the Little League World Series the last few days and unfortunately today Auburn's run came to an end.  They were ahead of Pearland, TX for the better part of 5 innings before coming unglued in the last inning and a half and losing 7-5.  It was a nice run while it lasted, nice work guys.  But the one thing I learned from watching is that somebody needs to remind these kids that there's no crying in baseball.  There should be a placard in the dugout or something.  Granted it's been a while since I was 13 so my memory may not be entirely reliable but I don't remember crying that much at that age.  Kids would get hit by a pitch and cry.  They would make an error and cry.  They would bump into another player and both would cry.  These kids cried at the drop of a hat.  It was kind of shameful and they really need Tom Hanks out there yelling at them every time they cry.  Hell, I destroyed my knee and didn't even feel the urge to cry.  I don't know at what age crying is no longer the natural response to pain, but I could have sworn it was before 13.

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