Saturday, August 14, 2010

Early Retirement

I saw the surprising news today that San Francisco 49ers running back Glen Coffee unexpectedly retired today after just one year in the NFL.  As an Alabama fan I always liked Coffee and hoped that the Seahawks would draft him, but it turns out it's a good thing they didn't.  Coffee didn't have any injury problems, the article I read stated that he told the team that his heart simply wasn't in football - that dating back to college he didn't really enjoy playing.  I guess I could see that but he's still walking out on more money than he'll ever make doing anything else.  I doubt he made enough to retire after just on season.

With 2008 first round pick Kentwan Palmer also missing from camp, there's speculation that it's an issue with coach Mike Singletary - that players are dissatisfied with him - but that's a little hard for me to believe.  I've also seen speculation that Coffee may be heading into the ministry.  I don't know anything about his personal life so I have no idea how plausible this theory is.  Whatever the reason, I'm very surprised.
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