Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Drinking & Driving

The Scots have come up with a compelling argument in favor of drinking and driving.  After 2 years, researchers at Napier University have filed a patent for a new biofuel based on the biproducts of manufacturing whiskey.  This fuel can be used directly in gas powered engines with no modifications, however the creators see it more likely being blended with oil based petrolium in a 5-10% mix to reduce the use of oil.  Unlike other biofuels, whiskey biproducts already exist and require no additional growing, which is appealing to environmentalists who fear the consequences of land being repurposed to grow other biofuels.  According to Richard Dixon, the Scotland director of WWF, "Whisky-powered cars could help Scotland avoid having to use those forest-trashing biofuels."

At the moment I don't see a down side to this, so next time you're knocking back a few shots of whiskey, know that you're doing it to save the environment.  Let's all have a toast for the planet.
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