Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Newest Eco-Hero

Men and women whose primary concern is the environment have crowned a new hero.  If you said this new role model was Genghis Khan, give yourself a gold star. 
Temujin, as he was originally known, along with his Mongol horde massacred an estimated 40 million people according to the recent research removing 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere in the process and thereby cooling the earth.  This has made him the new template for the next Green Party candidate.  If Ralph Nader is unable to step up his game and make some campaign promises to end global warming by eradicating the world of it's most lethal enemy - humans - he will be unable to secure the party nomination.  And so it is that I plan on profiting off of this by creating Genghis Khan t-shirts and tapping into the lucrative ignorent hipster market currently dominated by Che Guevara shirts. 
I envision them looking something like this. 

Or maybe this, although I personally prefer my design.  Investors looking to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams can begin sending me money now.

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