Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Magazine Turds

The first thing I do whenever I get a new magazine is thumb through and fish out all of the postcards inside for subscribing or various advertising.  It gets in the way, it's annoying, and it's completely useless.  Does anybody actually look at them?  I assume someone must or they wouldn't keep putting them in there, but I never even look at them.  The worst offender, at least that I subscribe to, seems to be the Smithsonian.  I enjoy the magazine, but I opened up the most recent issue and had to tear out no less than a dozen of those before I could move on to actually reading the magazine.  That is the very definition of excessive.  I can't imagine that anything I could say to the publishers would have any effect, so instead I do what I do best, go online and complain about it.  If anyone has a better plan, preferably one that doesn't involve any amount of effort since I'm pretty lazy, I'm interested in hearing it.  This will not be tolerated any longer!  Unless of course I have no choice but to tolerate it or stop reading magazines.  I suppose getting a Kindle or some e-reader and downloading electronic copies would be a solution, I just don't particularly want an e-reader.
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