Monday, September 13, 2010

You Know What I Hate?

After watching approximately 72 hours of football over the last 3 days, I'm reminded of how annoyed I am by measuring for a first down.  The refs just estimate when they set up the chains.  They eyeball the spot of the ball when the runner goes down.  Then they have to waste my time putting on a show by bringing the chains out to the middle of the field to see if there is a first down.  Why can't they just keep the damn game moving by looking at the spot and making a judgement call, or at least getting out a laser sight and pointing it at the side line?  When instant replay was first introduced there were repeated complaints about it slowing down the game, but in my opinion the measurements are far more disruptive, partly because they are more frequent.  I just wish the NFL and the NCAA would get rid of measurements.  If anybody has Roger Goodell's email address, pass it along.  There are other things I need to discuss with him, not just this. 
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