Monday, September 20, 2010


Well there's a frightening injury that you don't see every day. I've seen lots of scary injuries in sports but this is a new one for me.  Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin had to be taken to the hospital after being impaled by a shattered bat in front of what appears to be a sellout crowd.  The wound is being described as "fairly deep" and a tube had to be inserted into his chest to prevent his lung from collapsing.  He will remain in the hospital for a few days for observation, but his season is over. 

This is the scariest thing I've seen since Paul Abbott got hit in the face with a broken bat several years ago while on the mound for the Mariners.  I don't think he was concussed, but he did have a hell of a black eye afterward.  Anyway, here's hoping for a speedy recovery for Tyler Colvin.
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