Thursday, September 30, 2010

City Life

Where else but in a large metropolitan area does one come across bizarre behavior on a regular basis?  Today while waiting for the bus I saw a man in his early 20's standing on the corner waiting for the cross walk.  But that's not even the weird part.  Clad in board shorts, socks but no shoes, a sweatshirt tied around his waist but no shirt worn, and a backpack.  Completing the ensemble, he was holding a strip of bubble wrap over his eyes and talking in his best robot voice to no one in particular.  I tried my best to get a picture but people kept walking in front of me and I came away empty handed.  Anyway, as I watched him I did my best to discern whether this was a case of mental illness, brain damage, or heavy drug use.  He appeared to otherwise be in reasonably good physical condition so I ruled out the first two.  People in those categories seem to have a more disheveled look to them or at least less awareness of their appearance.  So in my professional opinion, this was some douchebag frat boy stoned out of his mind.  Possibly also with brain damage resulting from the aforementioned drug abuse.  Just one more reason I have to get a job on the East side - too much lunacy in Seattle.
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