Saturday, May 08, 2010

This Week On The Internet

Shamelessly stolen from AOL who shamelessly stole it from Fark, here is a quiz of the top weird stories on the internet this week.  I got 5 out of 10, let's see anyone top that without cheating.

 1) If the Montreal police seemed less available than usual last weekend, it's because they were busy with another task. What?

a) Removing a neon orange cow from the roof of the Montreal School of the Arts
b) Taking dozens of elderly women on a pub crawl
c) Bailing out their station after an accidental gun discharge hit a water line

2) Russell Crowe took time out of his busy schedule this week to reveal that he:

a) Is considering participating in an MMA fight next year for charity
b) Lost his cell phone down a Hollywood restaurant toilet and never replaced it
c) Used to get prank phone calls from Michael Jackson

3) The television show "Glee" was criticized by sports fans recently after what?

a) The fictional high school changed all of its sports mascots to remove Indian references
b) One of the characters compared Duke to Nazis
c) A popular character who was the football quarterback revealed that he was gay

4) A regulatory agency in California this week ruled that:

a) Beer should not be classified as food
b) Strip clubs should be zoned as "entertainment exercise centers"
c) People who sit in traffic more than 20 minutes should be wearing pollution masks

5) In the eternal battle to keep their soft drinks popular around the world, Pepsi has introduced the three following actual drink flavors:

a) Fermented bean, teriyaki and mango
b) Baobab, ice cream and cucumber
c) Sour ginger, mint and banana

6) A wedding rehearsal came to a crashing halt this week after the vicar was interrupted midceremony. What happened?

a) He had to give his dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
b) The church was struck by lightning and part of the tower caught fire
c) Angry protesters began pelting the church with potatoes

7) This week's coach who wins the Fark award for not completely thinking his cunning plan all the way through is:

a) The assistant coach who bought his team beer, not really considering that his team consisted of 10-year-olds
b) The high school basketball coach who was ejected from a tournament and tried to slash the referee's tires, but mistook the school president's car for the referee's car
c) The lacrosse coach in Kansas who rented four hotel rooms for his students, then left for vacation

8) In addition to worrying about Icelandic ash, a disputed election in England and Greece's financial meltdown, Europe can now also be concerned about:

a) American tea party members spreading their political philosophy
b) A sudden spike in UFO sightings
c) A condom shortage

9) The military recently unveiled a bizarre new ally in the war on terror. What is it?

a) Trained rats that can locate improvised explosive devices
b) RFID-tagged pigeons whose flight patterns are monitored by the Air Force
c) Ground-up pig bladders, which help soldiers regrow lost limbs

10) The most recent intersection of food and technology can now be experienced with:

a) A company that says it has created an Internet-flavored ice cream
b) A New York restaurant that unveiled a meal prepared entirely by robots
c) The Segin robot, which has a "taste pad" for organics and a stomach-type system to break down food


1) B – As long as you can use your walker to remain upright, you're good
2) C – When the King of Pop prank calls, you answer
3) B – Apparently, Blue Nazis didn't have the same ring as Blue Devils
4) A – There is food value in beer, but no beer value in food
5) B – Nothing says refreshment quite like baobab
6) A – You kiss the bride, I'll kiss the dog
7) A – The Bad News Bears was not an instructional video
8) A -- And bring back the French Revolution too, while we're at it
9) C – This little piggy helped you regrow that missing toe
10) A – Reportedly it tastes like spam, bacon, and crushing depression
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