Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good News!

My fortune cookie today informed me that my popularity will increase.  Since my popularity has been waning since approximately 6th grade, this is good news.  The cookie was somewhat non-specific as to the details, so I'm hoping that in some cruel twist of fate my popularity will increase posthumously as the world rejoices at my demise.  I am currently taking it at face value though, and since said cookie was given to me by an attractive woman, I am assuming that my popularity will increase among attractive women.

I will admit to also being concerned that fortune cookies are not a reliable source of future divination.  Take for example the following anecdote:  one day after eating some delicious Chinese food, I received a fortune cookie that told me I would receive a raise.  Thrilled at this news I went directly back to the office and slapped the fortune on my boss' desk and loudly proclaimed, "Gimme!"  Unfortunately this action did not result in monetary gain but instead I received laughter.  Since then I've been reluctant to trust news delivered via cookie.
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