Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surgery Pictures

As long as I've got some free time today, I decided to finally upload my pictures from surgery.  The first 4 are from my first surgery on 8/11 and the last 2 are from the second surgery on 11/3.  Luckily the doctor labeled them, otherwise I would have no idea what I am looking at.  My physical therapist described it as looking like a bunch of crab meat.  I don't know how doctors can know what they are doing looking at screens like these but I find it pretty interesting to see what they see through the arthroscope.

What's interesting about the below picture is the bottom left picture.  It seems there was a chunk of bone floating around inside my knee that the doctor couldn't figure out where it came from.  Not very reassuring, however it may come as no surprise to hear that my knee is operating a lot better without that in there anymore.

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