Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pretzel M&M's

Yesterday I went to the store across the street from my office and was coerced into buying a bag of the new pretzel M&M's that were sitting by the register for me to stare at while I was standing in line. Damn you product placement! Anyway after trying them I was disappointed to find that they are too salty and they don't taste pretzely at all (yes that's a real word), they just taste funky. I would say that they taste more like malt balls than chocolate covered pretzels, and I don't like malt balls so that's not a good thing. Making matters worse, they gave me a stomach ache after eating them. And since I was dumb enough to buy the big bag I still have plenty left over today so I tried them again thinking it would be different this time. It turns out that the only difference is that instead of making me sick, they make me angry. I am filled with rage with each one I eat. And so I give a resounding thumbs down to this product and a hearty boo to Mars for creating this atrocity.
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