Saturday, July 24, 2010


There's nothing quite like the reflection of a full moon off of Lake Washington, illuminating the entire lake in a silvery glow.  There's especially nothing like it when driving home after watching the Mariners beat the hated Boston Red Sox and their band of vulgar, drunken thugs who call themselves Red Sox nation.  Everyone I know I'm sure has heard one of my many rants about how much I hate those lunk heads, so I'm not going to retrace that territory.  Instead I will revel in the fact that, after losing the first game I attended this year, the Mariners have rebounded and are riding a 3 game winning streak.  I'd have to check the schedule to be sure but I believe these have been the only 3 home games the M's have won this year.  I feel I'm entitled to some kind of bonus.  It was also memorable because it was the first game ever for my 6 month old niece.  She didn't seem too interested in the game and she fell asleep for a few innings, but she seemed to enjoy herself regardless.  She looked a little startled when the crowd woke her up following Michael Saunders' majestic 2 run blast but from that point on she could barely contain her enthusiasm.  I believe Saunders is now her favorite player.  I think he is going to be a solid player for years.  If we trade him, that will almost certainly ensure that he will go on to become an All Star.  Here's hoping that doesn't happen though.
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