Monday, June 21, 2010


Just a quick little anecdote today.  When the decision was made to move the department candy bowl over to the table near my desk where it would be visible in my peripheral vision all day long, I was a little concerned that the temptation to eat copious quantities of candy would lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and ultimately my untimely demise.  What has happened instead is that the daily 8 hour parade of fat asses walking past my desk has been a far more successful deterrent to gorging myself on sugary treats than I ever expected.  Coming to the realization that almost no skinny people partake of the candy has been enlightening.  Of course I expected there to be less traffic from the height/weight proportional, but virtually none I did not expect.  I am now considering putting some pictures of giant asses on my refrigerator and cupboard doors at home as part of a weight loss plan.  Whenever I head over to get something to eat, I'll get that (not so) subtle reminder that maybe I'm not all that hungry after all.  That and I need to ramp up the exercise.
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