Sunday, October 11, 2009

Potato Bomb

This evening I got a nice little surprise as I was making dinner. I threw a couple potatoes in the oven and apparently didn't poke enough holes in them because one of them exploded when I stuck a fork in it to extract it from the oven. It wasn't just a small pop, it actually coated a good portion of my oven with tater goodness. I even have a witness who heard it from the living room. I've heard that such a thing can happen but had never witnessed it first hand. Luckily I didn't get any on me because I didn't want to have to explain 3rd degree potato burns to the emergency room staff.

Anyway, I'm still coming down from my weekend football high. That Husky game was the most unbelievable, unlikely come back I think I have ever seen. I guess the football universe has somewhat evened itself out since they should have beaten Notre Dame last week but should have lost this Arizona game. Dear God I hope the Cougs exact some vengeance for the state of Washington when they play ND on Halloween.

And today I was expecting a hard fought defensive showdown with the Jags. I didn't see this lopsided blowout coming at all. I can't believe we had 3 centers and a tackle I've never heard of playing in this game and still managed to keep Hasselbeck upright. Even more amazing than that, however, was the play of the defense. Lawrence Jackson is finally starting to look like he deserved to be picked in the first round. Hopefully this will help get the nickname I gave him catch on - Lo Jack - feel free to use that around the office or with your friends. It sounds good in your ear and when you say it you shouldn't fear because this nickname can be said by anyone. I went off in my own little universe for a minute there and forgot what else I was going to say, so I'll finish by saying how much it did my heart good to see Nick Reed running down the field like a madman and scoring me a free haircut. I'm now promoting myself to president of the Nick Reed fan club, not just a member. It's time he got his own nickname. I don't have anything at the moment but I'll keep you posted.
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