Sunday, October 28, 2012

Marcus Lattimore

In case you aren't a football fan or simply missed it, South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore suffered a horrific knee injury today.  Considered by many to be a potential first round pick in the upcoming NFL draft, his ability to play again is now in question.  Having suffered a serious knee injury myself, I have some idea of how devastating it is and my heart really goes out to him.  The team and medical staff have not yet released any information regarding the severity of the injury, but I can say that it was as bad as any I've ever seen and I have no doubt he has multiple torn ligaments.  If you are at all squeamish, do not watch the video in the above link. 

By all accounts, Marcus was an exceptional young man, universally liked.  Teammates, announcers, and even opponents have never had anything but good things to say about him, and it really breaks my heart to see bad things happen to good people.  I pray that he is able to make a recovery and resume his football career, but I know he has a long difficult road ahead of him. My knee surgery was by far the most painful thing I have ever experienced, and the following physical therapy was the most difficult ordeal I have ever gone through, so God speed Mr. Lattimore. My heart is with you every step of the way.  You have the advantages of youth and superior genetics on your side, not to mention a nation of well wishers.  Keep your head up.
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