Sunday, July 24, 2011

Electric Razors

I am in need of a new electric razor.  The batteries in my old one died and I managed to destroy the razor while trying to extract the batteries.  So I've been relying on a blade for the last several months, which means I've only been shaving about once a week since a blade is more time consuming and messy.  Anyway, I've been wondering whether the cleaning systems are worthwhile or if I'm better off saving my money and counter space and just manually cleaning my razor.  My old razor was a wet/dry model and I could just run it under the faucet which seemed to do the job just fine.  Some of the docks claim to sharpen the blades as well, but I wonder if it's just a gimmick. Does anyone have any experience with these? 

In unrelated news, I'm pretty much sold on the foil razors.  Hopefully the rotary razors have improved a lot since the last time I used one, but they were significantly louder and much more abrasive to my skin.  It's foil or nothing for me.
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