Friday, April 08, 2011

Where Are They Now

I got in the elevator this morning, much like I do every weekday morning, but what differentiated today's ride was that on the way up to lucky 13, the elevator made a stop on 8 where a gentleman who bore a striking resemblance to Rick Astley got on.  For a moment I thought I was about to be the victim of a live Rick Roll, however my fellow passenger departed the elevator without ever uttering, "never gonna give you up."  I was relieved at this but it did get me thinking that since I don't know what Rick is up to these days, it's entirely possible that he would accept some money to perform personal Rick Rolls.  As a one hit wonder I don't imagine he became wealthy enough to never have to work again, unless he invested very well, but that seems unlikely.  Regardless, as a result of this encounter I now find myself a bit paranoid when getting in the elevator.  It might be the stairs for me for a while.
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