Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have been feeling extremely fatigued this week.  Too fatigued even to complain about the F$#$ing daylight savings time.  Too fatigued to even comment on Jonathan "The Impaler" Sharkey, a self proclaimed vampire in (you guessed it) Florida who claims to be a decendent of Dracula and has announced plans to run for president.  I haven't heard his platform on federal spending or balancing the budget yet so I am withholding my support until I do. 

In addition to losing an hour of sleepy time this week, I have been plagued by an insidious cold for about a month now.  It keeps going away for a week and then coming right back again.  This latest round is the mildest attack yet, primarily consisting of occasional 10 minute bouts of coughing.  Since these keep waking me up at night, I have not been getting much sleep and as a result haven't been my usual cheery self.  Yes, I've been even more belligerent and misanthropic than usual if you can imagine that.  I have had almost no physical stamina and even less mental patience and really don't know how much longer this can last before I take a life. 

Being juiced up on cold medications for the better part of the last several days hasn't helped either.  These 'day time' medications just make me feel groggy and jittery at the same time.  They use the same medication as the night time stuff that puts you to sleep, but just throw in some stimulants to counteract the depressants.  The result is the same inability to concentrate and desire to fall asleep combined with the feeling of having just polished off a pot of coffee.  I don't like it.  At least it's doing something though, unlike placebos like Airbourne and echenacea.  I've had enough.
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