Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Derek Anderson Released

A day after signing perennial back up Seneca Wallace, the Cleveland Browns released Derek Anderson.  I still recall that it wasn't that long ago that the timely acquisition of Anderson saved my fantasy football season.  He was brilliant that first year he got a chance to start and was rewarded with a pro bowl appearance.  I still contend that Braylon Edwards cost him his starting job.  Edwards had hands comparable to Koren Robinson or Darius Haward-Bey.  It's my opinion that Derek Anderson's demise has been a result of incompetent pass catchers and an ineffective running game.  I would love to see the Seahawks pick him up and, with some decent receivers to throw to here in Seattle, revive his career.  I think his signing would allow us to be able to draft more pressing needs (OL, OL, and more OL) with our first round picks.  With a re-stocked offensive line, both our running game and passing game would be improved.  Anderson would be afforded the time to find receivers, a luxury he hasn't had in Cleveland the last 2 years.  If the Seahawks still want to draft a QB, having Anderson on the roster would allow them to pick one later and develop him for a couple years.  I really don't see a down side to this acquisition, particularly since it doesn't require the Seahawks to give up anything (other than salary) in return.  Any Seahawks executives reading this, make it so.
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